Since Tahiti Cruise Club was founded in 2010, we have been actively involved in supporting the industry and able to triple its activities. Here is a selection of our recent activities and achievements:

  • Successful authorities lobby to include cruise passengers in tourism statistics
  • Work with Regional Tourism Organizations to provide cruise seminars dedicated to operators
  • Collaboration with the authorities for the development of adapted infrastructures, piers and a cruise terminal in Tahiti
  • Successful lobby for the eligibility of small cruise ship building under local and national tax redemption schemes
  • Teamwork with our members and the local government to reduce speed of any ship type to minimize adverse effects in the lagoons
  • Work with environmental groups to provide information about air emissions emerging from cruise ships and their significant efforts provided to mitigate environmental effects
  • Work with the islands and communities to add emerging ports as cruise destinations

Our current priorities

Reinforce occasional or annual turnarounds for luxury or expedition ships (optimal capacity up to 1,200 passengers).


Increase the wider industry’s understanding of the economic impact of the cruise industry by undertaking various research work.
Develop Papeete as an ‘exchange hub’
Activate cruise objectives with the Fāri’ira’a Manihini 2025 plan while prioritising the development of Papeete’s potential as a turnaround port


Key stakeholders’ involvement on the growing industry’s requirements with an increasing ship trend
Promote The Islands of Tahiti as an appealing destination
Government lobbying on policies and regulatory issues that are currently not in compliance with international standards
Advocate, on behalf of cruise lines, against cost increases by stakeholders; especially with no obvious increase in value-added or rendered services
Work with each cruise area to ensure smooth delivery service on cruise days

What can you do?

Our strength, as an industry organization, lies in the breadth and quality of our membership. Join us today and help Tahiti Cruise Club in continuing its advocacy role for the growth of French Polynesia’s cruise industry in a sustainable manner