Tahiti Cruise Destination

The Islands of Tahiti are a destination on the move and have implemented many initiatives in order to accommodate the new cruise ships of today. A new dynamic, momentum era has begun for cruising in the South Pacific.

Within the Tahiti Cruise Club, all public and private partners came together in order to promote the cruise industry in French Polynesia.

The creation of new routes, the harmonization of legislation and regulation, new reception infrastructure and an overall coordination of the entire cruising network has taken place. The creation of Tahiti Cruise Club, along with the presence Tahiti Cruise Destination at the Seatrade Cruise Shipping Miami since 2009, demonstrate the commitment and will which has united all the participants and decision-makers in a country with exceptional qualities and assets. These efforts have been made to benefit both cruise lines based in French Polynesia and ships passing through the Islands of Tahiti.

Additionally, Tahiti Cruise Club is one of the founding members of the South Pacific Cruise Alliance.