Regional Cooperation

Tahiti Cruise Club is one of the proud founder members of she South Pacific Cruise Alliance | SPCA. The first objectives are to attract the ship-owners’ attention and offer a logical navigation zone in the South Pacific region, to reveal the financial visibility of South Pacific itineraries, and demonstrate the variety of guests’ experiences with operational suppliers.

Other aspects are also conditional on this regional cooperation (crew members’ replacement, technical supplies, tax harmonization). A common information platform about each country member’s progress on these matters could notoriously improve our relationship with important cruise lines. In 2011, during the Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami, 6 destinations of the South Pacific region formalised the international association. The SPCA’s founder members are American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kingdom of Tonga, the Tahiti Cruise Club and Samoa. Pitcairn Islands in 2014, and Wallis and Futuna in 2019, joined the SPCA.

Since 2013, the South Pacific Tourism Organisation and New Zealand Cruise Association have developed partnerships with SPCA, and participated in the first South Pacific Cruise Forum, held in Tahiti in 2015.

On the occasion of their last Board of Directors (dated October 28th 2020), SPTO has appointed the South Pacific Cruise Alliance to sit on their Board as a private sector representative.

Mr Bud Gilroy, interim Chairman of SPCA, believes that the close collaboration with SPTO and the implemented synergies will help the recovery of the tourism post pandemic, particularly in the remoted countries and territories of the South Pacific region.