The Cruise Club

The Tahiti Cruise Club [TCC], created in 2009, is an efficient structure for the development of the cruise industry in The Islands of Tahiti.

Uniting the main public partners, local government and official services (tourism authorities, port authority, local communities, pilot station, chamber of commerce, Ministries, etc.) and the involved private companies (cruise shipping agents, shorex operators, suppliers, etc.), Tahiti Cruise Club’s first objective is to simplify cruise-operating procedures and operations, and evaluate all the aspects of the sector within the 5 archipelagoes: receptive, maintenance, regulation, promotion, supplies, environment and traffic, etc. Tahiti Cruise Club’s team remains open to any inquiry regarding options on itineraries and will continue to act as the facilitator between cruise line partners and the local authorities.

As a peaceful and serene destination, The Islands of Tahiti are currently in a positive dynamic to constantly improve the quality of their services, and assist the further development of their cruise flows.

Our mission

  • Relationship with operators & promotion of the sector
  • Improve Port facilities
  • Improve passengers’ welcome services
  • Relationship between protagonists
  • Raise funds for cruise initiatives
  • Specific legislation assessment
  • Decision makers’ awarness
  • Staff management
  • Strategies, positioning and audit
  • Economic impact, awarness and understanding for the local population