Tahiti Tourisme

Economic Interest Grouping (GIE, in french) created in 1992, Tahiti Tourisme is a private structure, composed of all the players in the tourism industry. Their mission is to promote French Polynesia as a destination along with the development of the global touristic product, on local and international levels.

The Cruise ship industry constitues one of the main sectors that French Polynesia has to offer touristically. For this reason, Tahiti Tourisme is planning on:

  • Increasing cruise ship trafic in Tahiti and her islands ;
  • Raising the number of cruise ship passengers;
  • Increasing economic benefits for the local economy and all the archipelagoes.

In addition, Tahiti Tourisme mobilizes important means to welcome and to inform cruise ship passengers when they arrive in French Polynesian waters.

Tahiti Tourisme helps and supports the Tahiti Cruise Club actions.

For further information, feel free to contact Tahiti Tourisme.


The traditional welcome

Every time a cruise ship visites, cruise passengers are greeted according to the polynesian tradition. At the ship’s gangway in Papeete, for example, they receive the Tiare Tahiti flower, the ‘absolute’ symbol of Polynesia, and they can attend traditional and artistic demonstrations.