French Polynesia’s diversity allows a wide range of activities to discover the lagoon and the inner islands’ treasures.

Each island with its own natural and cultural specificity allows a never tiring change of scenery.

Land Activities opportunities are countless… Comfortable sightseeing tours around the islands, Cultural walks throughout history & archeology, culinary and cultural surprises within our markets and our Local Dance venues.
Tahiti is a CULTURAL experience.

The sports addicts will be thrilled to hit the ball looking at the lagoon when playing at the Moorea golf Course, hikers will find extensive walks to the interior of our mountains. Take an ATV or a 4×4 ride for some active and exciting fun.
Tahiti is a LAND delight.

Underwater adventures are a must. Scuba divers will be amazed by the variety of sea encounters: dolphins, sharks, manta rays… Easy snorkeling is also accessible for those looking at a colorful & easy sighting.
Tahiti is a TOP WATER destination.

For those looking at indulging themselves, Deluxe spas will treat you with local Monoi oil massages and unique flower treatments. A RELAXING way to feel Polynesia.


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Tahiti Nui Travel

Member of the Tahiti Cruise Club, Tahiti Nui Travel as the leading local tourism company since 1965, has been selected by the best Cruise Lines to handle their calls throughout French Polynesia.

We aim at providing custom programs that will suit all expectations.  From “conventional” land and water activities to Taylor made Turnover programs, we’ll be your link to insure a unique experience!